The Villages Real Estate

The Villages Real Estate

The Villages Real Estate

The Villages Real Estate

A Brief History: How The Villages Became a Real Estate Phenomenon

On the sun-kissed plains of central Florida, there exists a magnet for the retired and the content – a place known as The Villages. As if it were sprung forth from the land, cradled by serene, glistening waters, and swaddled in emerald greenery, this tranquil terrain holds more than the eye can initially behold. This pastoral charm is not simply a luxurious place of residence, but a sanctuary for those yearning for a different breed of life post-retirement. 

It was nothing more than a dream in Harold Schwartz’s mind during the 1960s when he envisioned a utopia of the elderly – a resplendent mass of houses where life, leisure, and the last dance with youth could thrive feverishly. Yet, it remained merely a dream until his son, Gary Morse, took up the mantle of his father’s vision and pushed it into reality. 

Morse, emboldened with robust determination and a twinkling glint of ambition in his eyes, gradually transformed this seemingly insurmountable prospect into a booming venture. It started off slowly, as most great endeavors do, with a scant handful of houses crafted meticulously, nestled comfortably amid a sea of Orange Groves. This humble origin bore the first whisper of what would become the present-day phenomenon of The Villages. 

Over time, the purposeful rhythm of expansion beat steadily against the plains of Florida. Morse’s unwavering commitment to his father’s vision was yielding fruitful results. Word of a haven for retirees where the golden years could be lived out in grace, enjoyment, and comfort spread like wildfire. 

By the roaring ’90s, The Villages had grown from a small set of houses to an eclectic assortment of more than 8,000 homes. It wasn’t simply the immaculately maintained homes that allured the migrants. Rather, it was the all-encompassing lifestyle, a melange of leisure – golf courses, recreation centers, shops, and restaurants – all conveniently located and exclusive for the residents. 

The dawn of the new millennium painted a vibrant picture of progression for The Villages. The residences more than tripled, reaching a staggering count of 25,000 homes, and the community bloated with a population of over 50,000. By 2010, the U.S census classified The Villages as the quickest growing metropolitan area in the United States. 

This phenomenal growth wasn’t just due to the allure of the lavish lifestyle promised. It was a testament to the potent combination of the Schwartz and Morse families’ vision, relentless dedication to transforming the estate into a haven for retirees, and their commitment to providing quality in every aspect of life. It was also a sign of the coming trend in real estate: baby boomers were starting to retire and they were looking for a place where they could live their golden years in comfort and luxury. And The Villages promised exactly that. 

In this way, The Villages has evolved from a humble dream to a real estate marvel, capturing the hearts of thousands and helping them find a home in their twilight years. It’s a vivid illustration of great foresight and strategic planning, forever changing the face of retirement living, and altering the landscape of the real estate industry.

The Villages Real Estate

Discovering The Villages: A Slice of Paradise in Florida

Past the rush and the noise of Florida’s bustling cities and tourist centers, tucked into the heart of Sunshine State, lie The Villages. This little slice of paradise, expertly crafted to delight every sense, is a magnet for those seeking peace, tranquility, and a vibrant community life. 

How does a town become a paradise? It was no random happenstance, but the fruit of a grand vision, careful planning, and meticulous execution. Every corner of this sprawling community speaks of thoughtful design, from its lush greenery, pristine waters, rolling golf courses, to its charming town squares brimming with activity. Beneath the beautiful facade, a solid real estate infrastructure ensures residents enjoy comfort and convenience alongside breathtaking aesthetics. 

Few places in the United States offer such diversity in architectural styles. One can find quaint cottages, elegant townhomes, stately villas, modern apartments, and even opulent luxury homes all nestled within The Villages. These dwellings, designed to cater to assorted tastes and needs, play no small part in the community’s thriving real estate market. 

But the true allure of The Villages goes beyond its physical beauty or the variety of its real estate. The pulse of life that beats strongly within its heart is an irresistible draw. The community boasts an active and friendly lifestyle that redefines retirement. From the soft strains of live music whispering through the evening air at Spanish Springs Town Square, to the thunderous cheers from the bowling lanes and golf courses, the echo of vibrant life is deafening. 

While some may argue about the charm of the city’s shops, restaurants, and boutiques, others find the simplicity and homeliness of The Villages irresistible. The sense of community in this Florida utopia is compelling and tangible. Its populace, a lively blend of enthusiasts, artists, adventurers, and sun-seekers, brings color and energy to the serene backdrop. 

And so, The Villages sits, like a gem in Florida’s crown. A place where life’s canvas, painted with optimism and zest, waits to welcome those eager for a taste of paradise. Wrapped within its boundaries, the charm of small-town living coexists harmoniously with a modern sense of convenience and luxury—a testament to the magic, allure, and undeniable value of its real estate. The Villages are not just a place to live, it’s a lifestyle experience that embraces and answers the call for a truly extraordinary way of life.

Unveiling the Real Estate Charm of The Villages

Upon stepping foot into The Villages, one is instantly captivated by the magnetic appeal of its real estate scene. This, is not by happenstance. The Villages has been meticulously designed to capture the essence of small-town charm while simultaneously offering all the desired amenities of a modern metropolis. 

An initial observation grants exposure to the presence of breathtaking golf-course homes, elegant waterfront properties, and quaint villas, each diverse in architectural style yet all sharing an intrinsic aura of home and soulful allure. Indeed, the real estate panorama of The Villages offers an eclectic assemblage that caters to varied taste and individualistic leanings. 

The ‘Golden Touch’: Exceptional Property Value 

Situated amidst the verdant landscapes and tranquil water bodies of Florida, the properties of The Villages not only offer an unparalleled aesthetic appeal but also vest significant economic value. Over the years, these homes have continually presented an impressive rate of appreciation, a direct testament to their enduring allure and the strategic locale of The Villages. As such, investment in real estate here, goes beyond acquiring a homestead; it is, truly, a wise financial move. 

A Tapestry of Lifesyles: Diverse Housing Options 

If variety is the spice of life, The Villages surely knows how to infuse it into their housing spectrum. The wide range of financing options — from affordable smaller homes and villas to lavish luxury homes — synchronizes effortlessly with varying budgets and lifestyle preferences. Whether it is a retiree seeking a cozy nook, a professional yearning for an opulent estate, or a family longing for a spacious, comfortable home, The Villages does not disappoint. 

A Vibrant Community: The Catalyst of a Thriving Housing Market 

The crowning jewel in the real estate allure of The Villages is its vibrant community. This locale is more than a cluster of homes; it’s a society throbbing with life, replete with numerous recreational clubs, sports activities, educational seminars, shopping centers, healthcare facilities and more. Consequently, real estate within The Villages transcends the physicality of brick and mortar to weave the tapestry of a rich, closely-knit community. 

So, whether you are a prospective homebuyer, an investor looking to capitalize on property appreciation, or simply a dreamer on the constant hunt for perfection, your quest might just lead you to the picturesque lanes of The Villages. Not merely a collection of buildings, but an embodiment of fulfilled dreams, harmonic living, and the charm of an idyllic lifestyle. In essence, The Villages represents a timeless rendition of real estate done right.

The Villages Real Estate

A Closer Look at The Villages Real Estate Market

In the world of real estate, The Villages stands as an icon of success, a beacon that lures investors, and a paragon of the relaxed yet vibrant life that Florida has promised through its sun-kissed beaches and vivacious communities. Deep dive into the market and you’ll find an enlightening story – a strong market trend, a steady increase in property values, and an ever-demanding influx of homebuyers, all painting an interesting tableau. 

“The real estate market of The Villages is not just about buying a home; it’s about buying into a uniquely vibrant lifestyle”

 It’s never merely about brick and mortar. The Villages real estate market thrives as it capitalizes on its strong sense of community and lifestyle offerings that resonate with an audience eyeing comfortable, active retirement. 

Delving into the Numbers 

Valuation plays a crucial role in reflecting the health of the real estate market. The Villages, as per recent reports, boasts an average home value surpassing many of its counterparts in Florida. This trend fortifies its strong position and signifies the market’s potential for sustained growth. 

Distinguished by their charm and diversity, homes here boast an applaudable appreciation rate, with values witnessing a significant surge in the past decade. Offering moderate to luxurious living options, the property spectrum appeals to varied investment scales, enabling retired couples, families, and enthusiastic investors alike to partake in this alluring housing market. 

Supply, Demand, and Opportunity 

The inherent demand in The Villages market stems from its unique offerings. The premium lifestyle, the versatile housing choices, and the promise of a community entrenched in camaraderie, create a demand curve that rarely sees a downward swing. All these factors tend to tilt the scale favorably for both sellers and buyers, fostering opportunities for every stakeholder in this vibrant market. 

As for the supply side, the real estate bowers in The Villages are ever-verdant. Opportunities bloom throughout the year, nurtured by constant development and an evolving landscape catering to the changing needs of the community. Yet, the supply seldom outruns the demand, ensuring a stable and profitable market for investors. 

Investment Potential 

In the rich tapestry of The Villages’ real estate market, investment threads are woven tightly, creating an intricate pattern of profitable ventures. The combination of high capital growth potential, strong rental yields, and anticipated future growth sets the stage for a promising investment climate. 

With the real estate sector recognized as a tool of wealth creation globally, The Villages flaunts its competency, offering an enticingly attractive proposition for anyone looking to sow seeds of investment in a thriving and steady market. 

In essence, to unravel the charm of The Village’s real estate market is akin to opening a well-crafted Pandora’s box – but instead of revealing ills, it unveils promising opportunities, a steadfast community, lush landscapes, and a life where the embers of happiness never truly fade away.

The Villages Real Estate

What is the average price of homes in The Villages?

Peering into the world of The Villages real estate, one cannot help but ponder the average price point of homes in this idyllic haven. A quick glance may suggest that these sun-basked abodes with their tropical allure and feature-rich environments exude an air of exclusive extravagance. However, upon a closer perusal, one would begin to appreciate the harmonious balancing act of The Villages, offering the delight of a luxurious lifestyle, coupled with the reality of accessible pricing. 

As of 2021, the median home value in The Villages hovers around $300,000 – a notable rise from previous years, reflecting the growing allure of this central Florida paradise. Properties in The Villages span a broad spectrum, with the price point largely dictated by the home’s size, specific neighborhood, and the year of construction. 

For those starting their journey in The Villages real estate market, patio and courtyard villas serve as fantastic entry points, with prices typically afloat between $150,000 and $250,000. Scope for a strong saturation of luxury can be found in the various designer homes and premier homes in the Villages. The prices here dip their toes into the realm of $400,000 and can stretch into millions for the most palatial estates. This variation in price points only aids in constructing an inclusive environment, where each person can indeed find their slice of paradise, irrespective of their budget. 

In summary, the average price of homes in The Villages manifests a blend of affordability and luxury. While the comprehensive backdrop of amenities, social activities, and enchanting flora might suggest an astronomic price tag, the true nature of The Villages lies not just in its lavish lifestyle appeal but also in its commitment to inclusivity and the pursuit of an accessible dream.

Finding Your Perfect Home in The Villages: A Guide to Property Types

Draped in the warm hues of the Florida sun, The Villages presents a multitude of home styles suited to almost every taste and lifestyle. This haven of architectural magnificence designs each home with a sense of belonging, ensuring each resident finds their ideal dwelling place. No matter what your property preferences may be, the odds are high that The Villages has a home that is just right for you. 

Single-Family Homes 

Among the charm-infused tree-lined streets of The Villages, lies a remarkable cast of single-family homes. These traditional residences, often adorned with landscaped gardens, offer generous living spaces for those who relish privacy and the feel of a serene neighborhood. As each property is conceived with distinct Florida architecture in mind, one can find a fascinating variety, from classic to contemporary designs. 

Patio Villas 

A step into a patio villa in The Villages carries an essence of delight. Compact, yet capacious, these homes typically feature two bedrooms and a blended living-dining area. Amidst the suburban allure of these villas, residents enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle, exemplifying comfort in every sense. Echoing the carefree spirit of the community, the patio villas make an ideal choice for those seeking manageable, yet charming, living spaces. 

Courtyard Villas 

For those who yearn for a touch of elegance enclosed in a private haven, courtyard villas are an irresistible allure. Exceptionally designed with a tasteful blend of privacy and luxury, these homes offer a private courtyard, typically enclosed by a high wall. Unveiling an oasis in the heart of your home, the courtyard villas are a testament to the fine balance of comfort and class that The Villages epitomizes. 

Verandas and Cottages 

Emerging as a unique housing spectacle, the verandas and cottages of The Villages breathe life into the old-world charm with their quaint facades and compact designs. Their exquisite allure lies in the enchanting architecture fused with the modern-day amenities, offering a cozy, yet contemporary living experience. 

As you navigate the myriad of property types The Villages has to offer, it is essential to consider factors such as your lifestyle preferences, the size of home you desire, maintenance considerations, and your budget. At The Villages, the array of property choices far exceeds the ordinary, easily transforming the dream of finding the perfect home into a beautiful reality.

Are there any age restrictions for living in The Villages?

Indeed, a sojourn into the realm of The Villages brings up one significant question: Are there any age restrictions that gatekeep this sunlit idyll? The answer is yes, but rest assured, these restrictions have been put in place thoughtfully, to maintain the uniquely vibrant, active, and fulfilling lifestyle that The Villages has become synonymous with. 

At its core, The Villages is a 55+ community. Borrowing from the charming wisdom of Florida Statute 760.29, The Villages has cultivated a close-knit community of active adults, at least 80 percent of whom must be 55 years of age or older. This distinctive age threshold is an underpinning pillar, nurturing the unique, sportive, and community-oriented spirit The Villages is lauded for. 

However, it is important to clarify a common misconception. While the 55+ rule stands as a key feature of The Villages, it does not imply absolute exclusivity. Residents under 55 are most certainly allowed, although they constitute no more than 20 percent of the community. What it does dictate is the deference to an adult stratum, making room for mature landscaping of diverse experiences, interests, and activities. 

For those with youthful loved ones, worry not: The Villages has not ignored your familial ties. The ‘under 19 policy’, as it is commonly called, allows for grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other young ones to partake in the joyous environment of The Villages, albeit with a limit of 30 days per year. 

Thus, the age restrictions at The Villages are far from limiting barriers; rather, they serve as a testament to the flavor of life within this exclusive community. It is a concerted choice to nurture a specific life phase, pulsing with a rhythm of age-defying vibrancy and activity, tailored to those who disavow a sedentary retirement and instead choose to live out their golden years with gusto.

The Villages Real Estate

The Villages Neighborhoods: From Quaint to Luxurious

Underneath a cerulean blue Florida sky, amidst the sun-blushed splendors of The Villages, lies an extensive palette of neighborhood characteristics – quaint, quiet corners where the low hum of golf carts creates a serene soundtrack to everyday life, and luxurious paradises where exquisite elegance presides. 

Visiting The Villages, one is struck by the feeling of venturing into a charming patchwork of interconnected communities. Each neighborhood appears to have been thoughtfully structured and woven together to create a cohesive identity. Their diverse features cater to varying tastes, styles, budgets, and lifestyle aspirations. 

The Quaint Neighborhoods 

The quaint neighborhoods are intimate sections of this grand tapestry, their charm often lies in the understated. Houses nestled among tree-lined streets exude a serene simplicity, providing a tranquil retreat from the bustle of active Villages life. These neighborhoods are a haven for those who seek serenity and comfort without extravagance. Yet, their residents do not lack any vital amenities or club benefits. 

The Luxurious Neighborhoods 

As we weave our way into the premium, luxurious neighborhoods, we stand before architectural craftsmanship taken to an elevated level. Houses here are grand, showcasing unique design elements, top-tier materials, sprawling lots, and the kind of curb appeal that leaves a lingering impression. Luxury isn’t whispered here – it’s pronounced loud and clear in every manicured lawn, every high-end fixture and fitting, every blue-ribbon amenity within easy reach. Prestige here is not just a concept, but an everyday reality. 

A Spectrum of Choice 

The Villages offers an alluring multi-hued spectrum of choice. It is this blend of the quaint and luxurious, the serene and the bustling, which gives The Villages its distinctive character. The scope of choice in these neighborhoods appeals to a broad range of perspectives and prerequisites, contributing significantly to the real estate allure. 

Every exploration of The Villages’ neighborhoods is an adventure – a discovery of a setting that meets with diverse tastes, mundane or extravagant, normal or unique, but certainly catering to an array of expectations. 

From the welcoming streets of the quaint neighborhoods to the magnificence of the luxurious precincts, The Villages captures the captivating magic of a well-knit, well-orchestrated, well-lived community. This is the allure that beckons to the discerning, to the premier, to those desiring a lifetime of days under the friendly Florida sun.

The Villages Real Estate

Uncovering the Amenities of The Villages: An Oasis for Active Adults

Drawing back the curtains of reality, one cannot help but be awe-struck by the unrivaled multitude of amenities that The Villages bestow upon its residents. As you delve into this realm of ceaseless activity, excitement, and tranquility, you will realize that this emblematic Floridian paradise is not just a real estate marvel, but an oasis for active adults.

Framed by the promise of an exhaustive list of amenities and recreational facilities, investments in The Villages properties stand as symbols of a life put on a pedestal of comfort and recreation. The sheer wealth of amenities ensures that each day unfolds new perspectives, immersing residents in a vibrant culture that champions an active, engaged, and fulfilling lifestyle. To be a resident here is to scale the heights of leisure, health, and happiness while bathing in the all-encompassing vibrancy of this dynamic community. 

Recreation & Socializing: The Heartbeat of The Villages 

Recreation stands as the cornerstone of life at The Villages. With over 50 golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and bowling lawns dispersed around the community, the spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie is ever-present. Artisans and craft enthusiasts will find delight in the myriad of hobby clubs, workshops, and art classes that are the lifeblood of the thriving Villages cultural scene. 

Exercise & Fitness: Wellness in Harmony with Nature 

Exercise and fitness are effortlessly woven into the fabric of The Villages lifestyle. Fitness trails meander through the verdant landscape, providing residents an idyllic backdrop for their morning jogs, bike rides, or leisurely strolls. A brace of well-equipped fitness centers stand as temples to health and wellness, outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities to help residents maintain their physical vigor. 

Shopping & Dining: Quality Retail and Gourmet Choices 

Residents are also privileged with seamless access to a plethora of shopping choices, from premium outlets to cozy neighborhood stores. Farmers’ markets laden with the freshest of produce and staple goods lend a quaint charm to the shopping experience. At the end of a rewarding day, residents can feast on diverse culinary delights offered by the numerous eateries and fine-dining restaurants that dot this bustling enclave. 

In sum, The Villages, with its lavish spread of amenities, paints a vibrant picture of an active and fulfilling lifestyle. This charming Floridian haven offers not just a space to live, but a canvas to paint one’s golden years with the hues of recreation, health, community, and endless discovery.

What is the weather like in The Villages?

Step into a land where the sun generously spills its golden rays, painting the sky with hues of azure and tangerine—welcome to The Villages, Florida. The climate in The Villages is subtropical, characteristically warm, and for the majority of the year, accommodates brilliant sunshine that gracefully illuminates the landscape. The consistent good weather has made this central Florida community a desirable real estate investment for many retirees. 

Here, the changing seasons bring variety, but do not harshly disrupt life’s rhythm. Winters are largely gentle, characterized by mild and dry conditions. The average temperature hovers in the 60’s during the day and cools off slightly as evening descends, providing an inviting atmosphere for romantic nighttime walks or cozy fireside gatherings. 

“This is Florida’s heartland, where the sun has a special glow, and the afternoons are simply divine.”

As for the summers, they can be hot, and the word ‘luscious’ leaps to the mind. While the mercury may occasionally saunter towards the 90s, the region’s multitude of aquatic resources – pools, springs, lakes and coastlines – offer resplendent relief from the heat. The warm season also brings welcoming afternoon showers, an orchestration of nature that reminds residents of the lively ecosystem within which they reside. Such rain is typically brief and acts only as a minor interlude in the pageant of sunny days that mark The Villages’ climate. 

Spring and autumn, serving as transitions, provide a captivating contrast of temperatures and weather conditions. The spring ushers in vibrantly blooming flowers while the fall paints the flora in stunning auburns and golds, adding to the aesthetic beauty of The Villages. 

The weather, in essence, supports the selection of The Villages as not just a place to live, but a lifestyle to embark upon—a haven that not only fosters active living, but encourages an appreciation for the beauty of nature.

The Villages Real Estate

The Villages Golf Courses: Tee Up Your Ideal Retirement

As the sun begins its westward descent, casting a warm honey-glow over meticulously maintained fairways, there’s a palpable sense of contentment that sweeps across The Villages. The ubiquitous golf carts, a staple part of the community, hum quietly. They ferry the “Villagers” from the charming comforts of their homes to a golfer’s paradise. Here, The Villages is not just reimaging retirement, but also reshaping the timeless sport of golf. 

With over 50 executive and championship golf courses spread across its sprawling landscape, The Villages stands unrivaled as the epicenter of golf for active adults. The well-trodden greenways, edged by picturesque flora and interspersed with serene lagoons, narrate tales of camaraderie, competition, and fulfilling retirements. 

The Allure of Executive Golf Courses 

The executive golf courses within The Villages are the crown jewels of its golf infrastructure. They present a harmonious blend of design, aesthetics, and challenge while ensuring accessibility for golfers of varying skill levels. These par-29 and par-58 courses stretch over nine holes, artfully ranging from 1,208 to 2,997 yards. An open invitation to beginners and veterans alike, they bestow an intimate golfing experience, with shorter distances beckoning exploration while still demanding strategic play. 

Testing the Turf: Championship Courses 

For those who seek to immerse themselves in a heady blend of challenge and pleasure, The Villages’ championship courses are a spectacle to behold. These full-length, 18-hole, par-72 courses are meticulously crafted, each exuding its distinctive character and providing a unique test. Here, strategy becomes an art, each stroke a decision, while natural and man-made hazards facilitate a gratifying blend of key skill development and tireless entertainment. 

The Villages’ golf experience transcends cliché retirement leisure, morphing into a robust platform for dynamic social interaction. The golf venues double as lively social hubs, where laughter is punctuated by friendly banter and human connection blooms amidst shared passions. On this grand stage, the Villagers are not just playing golf—they’re creating life-enriching experiences. From the solitude of a perfectly timed swing to the jubilant high-fives of an eagle putt, these moments encapsulate the very essence of The Villages way of life. 

Whether you’re teeing off amidst the whispering oaks of Orange Blossom Hills, or navigating the intricate contours of Ponderosa Pine, the freedom and pleasure of golf in The Villages are unparalleled. With each stroke, each shared laughter on the grassy carpet, the Village’s unique allure as the mecca for golf-loving retirees is reaffirmed. 

The golf courses of The Villages—all designed with love for the game and respect for the community—are more than just venues for a popular sport. They’re an integral part of the Village lifestyle, a symbol of an active retirement where each day flows as smoothly as a well-struck putt.

The Villages Real Estate

Beyond Golf: Other Recreational Activities in The Villages

In the intricate arcana of the Villages, recreation isn’t confined merely to the allure of pristine golf links. An effusion of other activities augments the vibrant pulse of this unique community, transforming it into an inexhaustible theatre of vibrant indulgence beyond the customary swing of a golf club. 

On the Water: The Villages boasts an elaborate network of navigable waterways providing diverse aquatic pastimes. Residents can wander into serene corners of their neighborhood on a kayak or a canoe, relishing the gentle caress of Florida’s sunshine and the placid rippling of waters beneath. 

Key locales such as Lake Sumter Landing and the Brownwood Paddock Square regularly play host to an array of musical entertainment. Everything from country to rock, big band to jazz floats in the air, weaving a melodious atmosphere that encapsulates the Villages’ iridescent spirit. 

Living the Dream: The Active Lifestyle at The Villages

The unmistakable sparkle of The Villages isn’t just found in its beautiful homes or verdant golf greens; it is truly ignited and kept aflame by its prolific and dynamic lifestyle, vigorous and active, unfolding its brilliance in every corner. Here, the residents live not merely a life, but a kaleidoscopic dream, pulsating with sparkling activities, and every ambition is not only viable but heartily attainable with the wealth of opportunities that abound.

Imagine waking to the Florida sunrise, feeling the gentle breeze laden with the scent of the citrus groves surrounding this paradise, as you lace up for a morning walk through the winding trails. Picture yourself scheduling your day around an engaging mix of activities, from pickleball tournaments hosted at any of the numerous sports courts to a spirited nature photography trip arranged by the many local clubs. The Villages presents a seamless fusion of leisure and activities, that hums with the vitality of its residents. 

Residents engage in constant, carefree merriment. There is a never-ending array of music and dance events, mesmerizing art displays that communicate complex human emotion and sentiments through the language of colors, sports tournaments that evoke both camaraderie and competitive spirit, and much more. The three Town Squares- Brownwood, Spanish Springs, and Sumter Landing- are the pulsing hearts, intertwining the community in a seamless web of shared excitement and experiences. 

In The Villages, every day ushers in a festival, a moment of shared celebration. Its 365-day holiday feeling is accentuated by nightly live music and monthly specially themed festivals on the squares. Whether it’s jazz infusing the air with saccharine harmonies or rock n’ roll electrifying the night, or perhaps a Farmers market under the open sky, residents find limitless avenues for enjoyment and recreation. 

Do not misconstrue this hive of activity as solely for the extroverted. The Villages also caters lovingly to its more introspective residents, providing quieter nook and corners to relax and recharge. Libraries with vast genres, peaceful gardening clubs, calm lake-side benches for mindful meditation, artists’ studios where residents can unleash their creativity; there are abundant options for residents who find solace in solitude and tranquility. It is a place where both the outwardly social and silently contemplative find their own echo of belongingness. 

Yet another prominent feature of the lifestyle at The Villages is the commitment to continuous learning. With the Lifelong Learning College, offering an array of subjects from computers to foreign languages to creative writing, residents construct their own mosaic of learning and nurturing the mind. Not just intellectual, the culture of staying fit and healthy is promoted widely with numerous fitness classes and wellness program. Truly a perfect blend of active and healthy living. 

To summarize, The Villages is a mélange of lively activities and tranquil spaces. It offers a lifestyle that not just complements but promotes the attitudes and preferences of its diverse community. It is not just a real estate monopoly but a vibrant culture-hub, nestling an active lifestyle that knows no age. It is indeed the home of dreams, of friendships and discoveries, and a retirement that feels nothing less than a holiday. This sun-kissed corner of the earth invites you to live your vibrant golden years with an exciting array of choices and the promise of a harmonious balance. Live the dream at The Villages.

Is The Villages a gated community?

Indeed, the sprawling ambience of The Villages resonates with the charm of a gated community. However, it is far from the confines of conventional gated communities. Across the expanse of The Villages, community areas transition seamlessly into one another, forming a unique tapestry, alive with connection and camaraderie. There are no barriers, fostering an air of welcoming warmth and neighborly intimacy. 

The Villages, given its size intricately stretches across three distinct counties. One could assume that it might be fraught with disconnected neighborhoods, punctuated by elaborate gateways to demarcate exclusivity. Yet, the creators of The Villages went against the grain, choosing instead to design a community that champions openness, accessibility, and a sense of belonging. 

A seemingly ordinary road in The Villages can effortlessly link a vibrant town square with a serene neighborhood, its fringes marked only by beautifully landscaped roundabouts and not restrictive gates. This allows residents to travel freely across diverse districts, experiencing a wide spectrum of atmospheres and ambiences, each unique in its architectonics and offerings. 

However, the question of security cannot be overlooked. Despite the fact that The Villages is not technically a gated community, it is renowned for its unfailing efforts to ensure safety and security for its residents. The community boasts an efficient system encompassing vigilant neighborhood watch groups, an often-patrolling safety service, and a reliable response team for emergencies. 

Instead of feeling restricted behind gated walls, the residents of The Villages experience an invigorating sense of freedom and autonomy, as they traverses the many enchanting corners of their extended neighborhoods, secure in the community’s commitment to their wellbeing. 

So, to collar the essence, The Villages may not be a gated community in the traditional sense, but it promises an immersive living experience, unparalleled security and a thriving socio-cultural landscape, surpassing any allure that a conventional gated community might claim.

The Villages Real Estate

Community Spirit: The Social Life at The Villages

In the heartlands of Florida, awash with sunshine and resplendent with greenery, there lies a community woven together not merely by the fabric of geographical proximity, but by the bonds of shared experiences, shared dreams, and a shared way of life. The Villages is not simply a collection of homes, but rather, an extensive network of individuals, each contributing their unique songs to the harmonious symphony of community spirit that reverberates through the tranquil air. 

Every visit to the local shop, every swing on the golf course, every shared laugh while dining out, and every stroll by the lake – these are not mere moments in isolation, but rather threads intricately woven together to create the rich tapestry of social life at The Villages. It is this very sense of community, enriched through shared experiences, that sets it apart from the average retiree neighborhood. Here, the sense of belonging dominates the psyche, and helps shape the collective experience of residents. 

The Spirit of Togetherness 

A deep sense of camaraderie underlines life at The Villages. This is an environment where neighbors aren’t strangers, but friends, each recognizing the other not merely by face, but by story. Whether it’s a friendly wave to the regular morning joggers or a heartfelt nod of understanding between two devoted golf enthusiasts, there’s a pervasive spirit of togetherness, intrinsically woven into the fabric of daily life. 

The Echo of Shared Interests 

Yet, the poetry of the community spirit at The Villages is not only written by the broader sense of unity, but also by the many shared interests and passions that proliferate within the community. From woodworking to gardening, from bird watching to painting, the echo of shared interests create a multitude of opportunities for bonding and friendship, thereby solidifying the sense of community. 

The Whisper of Shared Dreams 

And beyond their shared interests and the common camaraderie that warms the air, there lies a deeper, more profound connection, anchored in shared dreams. It is the dream of a peaceful retirement, marked not by profound solitude, but by a constant parade of meaningful engagements, of continued personal growth, and of treasured connections. The unmistakable whisper of shared dreams echoes through the Villages, knitting together a vibrant, close-knit community of residents who truly embody the phrase, ‘living the retirement dream.’

What is the proximity of The Villages to major cities in Florida?

Situated in Central Florida, The Villages holds a strategic location that provides its residents with the best of both worlds – the tranquility of a retirement haven and the vibrancy of urban buzz. Its geographical position bridges the gap between peaceful retirement living and the excitement of Florida’s metropolitan areas, making it a perfect choice for those who value balance and convenience. 

Beyond the scope of its idyllic borders, The Villages is conveniently close to some of Florida’s most renowned cities. While it offers a calm and relaxed daily life, the thrill of larger city life is simply a drive away. 

  • Orlando: Travelling east for approximately 60 miles from The Villages will lead you to Orlando, the home of famed Disney World, a myriad of other theme parks, and a thriving culinary scene. This journey takes about an hour and a half by car, giving residents the chance to enjoy this multifaceted city on weekends or day trips.
  • Tampa: Heading south-west on the I-75, a 90-mile, 1.5-hour drive will put Villagers amidst the coastal charm of Tampa. A paradise for sports lovers, Tampa is known for its exciting National Football League and Major League Baseball games. Besides, with its abundant riverside restaurants and cultural charm, Tampa is a delightful escape.
  • Jacksonville: A longer drive north, about 2.5 hours covering approximately 140 miles transports Villagers from their peaceful homes to Jacksonville, the commercial hub of North Florida. With stunning beachside boulevards and a bustling arts scene, Jacksonville gives a taste of Florida’s vibrant coast.
  • Miami: For a full-fledged city experience imbued with international charm, Villagers can embark on a journey of around 5 hours to reach the glamorous city of Miami. Offering unique experiences of art-deco architecture, golden beaches, and a rich, cosmopolitan culture, Miami promises a colorful cityscape.

This proximity to major cities, each unique in their cultural, culinary, and entertainment offerings, is not just a matter of convenience. It acts as a silver cord of accessibility that weaves together the tranquility of The Villages with Florida’s lively city spark, presenting a living experience that is highlighted by both restfulness and vibrancy. It ensures that the residents of The Villages are never too far away from the dynamic city life they might occasionally crave, thus enriching their lifestyle in this coveted corner of Florida’s verdant heartland.

Health and Wellness at The Villages: Staying Fit and Active

With the setting sun casting an ethereal radiance on the horizon, imagine being able to take a revitalizing evening walk along meticulously landscaped paths, absorbing the tranquility of nature, and marveling at the picturesque man-made lakes. This is but a fraction of what the health and wellness possibilities offer at The Villages. 

Designed holistically, The Villages caters to the fingertips’ wants of an active lifestyle ensuring its residents never miss a beat. Promoting health and wellness as a way of life, the master plan significantly incorporates numerous avenues for residents to stay active and fit. 

Outdoor Activities and Amenities: A Stroll Through Nature 

From tranquil butterfly gardens, melodic bird sanctuaries to sparkling lakes, every corner of The Villages strikes a balance between activity and tranquility. A network of walking, jogging, and biking trails offer perfect opportunities for residents to get their dose of daily exercise while immersing themselves in the community’s breathtaking beauty—even more dazzling under Florida’s sunshine. 

Fitness Centers: Equipped for Wellbeing 

In The Villages, advocacy for health and wellness is not merely an outdoor pursuit. Spread across various neighborhoods are state-of-the-art fitness centers, furnished with the latest cardio and strength training equipment. Each center is designed to meet a variety of fitness levels, facilitating workouts regardless of residents’ experience or expertise. 

Aquatic Fitness: An Ode to Florida’s Love for Water 

The allure of water-based activities is captured eloquently in The Villages’ aquatic offerings. Adults pools, family pools, and sports pools offer various aesthetic and functional facets such as aerobics, water volleyball, or simply a refreshing dip under the sun. Integrating with Florida’s innate love for all things aquatic, these avenues present an interesting twist to routine fitness. 

Wellness Programs: Customized to Fortify 

Health and wellness are not only about physical activities but also about managing and improving overall wellbeing. The Villages hosts various educational seminars, classes, and health screening sessions under its robust wellness programs. Designed to enhance residents’ lifestyle, these programs provide information and guidance on nutrition, stress management, and chronic health conditions management, carving a personalized health blueprint for each resident. 

In essence, life at The Villages is designed to resonate with an energetic and vibrant rhythm. The opportunities to engage in an active lifestyle not only emulate an invigorate aura but also encourage a close-knit, health-conscious community. This perfect blend of unity and activity under a gloriously radiant Florida sky is what marks The Villages as truly unique. Here, health and wellness are not pursued; they’re celebrated – an integral element that intertwines beautifully with the fabric of The Villages’ lifestyle.

The Villages Real Estate

Dining and Entertainment: Indulge in The Villages’ Vibrant Scene

At the close of an ebullient Floridan day, as the vestiges of sunlight tiptoe away, The Villages buzzes with an enviably vibrant scene of dining and entertainment. The community captures the spirit of mirth and foodie passion, bringing a convivial charm that is as infectious as it is fulfilling, painting twilight with an assortment of wines, tantalizing cuisines, and entrancing performances. 

A Gastronomic Journey: Unraveling the Culinary Diversity of The Villages 

Stepping into The Villages is embarking on a delectable journey that caters to the discerning palate of every gourmet. From the distinctly American reverie of succulent barbecues and glossy hamburgers, the landscape is punctuated with Italian bistros wafting the earthy perfume of fresh pasta, golden churros filled with bittersweet dark chocolate signaling the presence of Spanish tavernas, and the delicate symmetry of sushi hinting at a Japanese eatery nearby. 

The panoply of dining options in The Villages is seasoned not only by diverse culinary heritage but rich flavor profiles that would make any epicure’s heart flutter with delight. One can lose themselves in the labyrinth of artisanal bakeries, premium steak houses, seafood outlets offering freshly caught bounty, and cozy cafés that serve organic, farm-to-table fare. 

Entertainment: A Symphony of Laughter, Applause, and Spotlight 

When it comes to entertainment, The Villages is dotted with venues that fill the air with the laughter of comedy nights, the melodious strumming of live bands, and the thrilling anticipation of movie premieres. Nestled between whispering trees, you will find performing arts centers and theater venues where both local talents and touring productions take the spotlight, turning ordinary nights into cascades of culture and spectacle. 

Throughout the year, these venues and public squares across The Villages host a variety of festivals, concerts, and special performances. Residents are often treated to jazz nights that celebrate the nostalgic tunes of yesteryears, lively dance troupes that spring to life with vibrantly costumed performances, and the invigorating beats of live rock concerts. 

In The Villages, the promise of an exciting evening comes to fruition with a blend of world-class entertainment and sumptuous gastronomical experiences. The curtain of night is drawn only after residents have fully satiated their cravings for exquisite cuisine, hearty laughter, captivating performances, and enriching community interaction — forever keeping the torch of life’s festivity ablaze.

Exploring The Villages’ Surrounding Areas: Day Trips and Attractions

While The Villages itself is a wonder, it is also essential to understand the compelling narratives and experiences that await beyond its borders. The surrounding areas of The Villages open the gateway to a raft of day trips, attractions and endless opportunities for exploration. 

The Coastal Retreats 

Just a short drive away from The Villages, you’ll find some of Florida’s most stunning white sand beaches. The emerald waters of the Gulf Coast, for instance, offer the surreal experience of a tropical getaway. St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota are but a few of the postcard-perfect coastal cities, replete with charming resorts and tranquil, palm-fringed beaches. 

History and Nature at Ocala National Forest 

For those who find solace in the arms of Mother Nature, the Ocala National Forest presents a verdant oasis. It’s a cornucopia of natural beauty, with over 600 lakes and rivers, untamed trails, and diverse fauna. Amidst the whispering leaves and echoing bird calls, history beckons at the Forest’s many historical attractions, including the intricately beautiful springs used as freshwater sources by Native Americans and early European settlers. 

Resonating with John’s Old Florida Heritage 

Not too far away, the St. John’s River welcomes visitors into the pulse of Old Florida. This slow-moving river reveals facets of Florida’s robust history, and its banks are adorned with remnants of a bygone era, such as steamboat landings and ancient camping sites. Cruising on these waters is akin to sailing through the gentle waves of time itself. 

The Charms of Orlando 

Orlando, the throbbing heart of Florida, is a city imbued with a vibrant blend of experiences. Known as ‘The Theme Park Capital of the World’, it houses some of the world’s most mesmerizing theme parks, including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Additionally, exploration here not only promises adrenaline rushes but also a seamless fusion of art, culture, cuisine, and entertainment that makes for a treat to all the senses. 

Such diverse day trips and attractions around The Villages don’t just provide a chance to infuse your life with a variety of experiences. They administer a sense of freedom, an opportunity to delve into the rich cultural and natural fabric of this region, reflecting the essence of living in The Villages; a life that’s not simply about existing, but about feeling truly alive.

The Villages Real Estate

Making the Move: Tips for Buying Real Estate in The Villages

As the gentle Florida sunset casts warm hues across the immaculately paved streets of The Villages, the decision to make this alluring oasis of tranquility your home might well feel like destiny unfolding. The lush landscapes and the serene melody of nature effortlessly weave a mesmerizing charm that echoes both the comforts of a quaint village and the luxuries of a cosmopolitan city. 

However, as enchanting as the dream of owning a piece of this paradise may be, the journey to making it a reality requires a thoughtfully crafted strategy, accurate information, and, above all, understanding the unique real estate market of The Villages. Here are some invaluable tips to guide you through your grand venture of buying real estate in The Villages. 

Understanding the Market Dynamics 

Navigate the real estate markets of The Villages with an informed approach. Key statistics, trends, and forecasts can provide a broader picture of what can be expected in the market for property sales. Remember, understanding the dynamics of supply and demand can be the difference between a good investment and a great one. 

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent 

Like a seasoned navigator guiding the ship through dynamic seas, a knowledgeable real estate agent with local expertise can be your compass in the vast ocean of The Villages’ real estate market. Choose a professional who has a keen understanding of the area, the prevailing market conditions, and the subtle nuances that could affect property pricing and demand. 

Decide What Home Style Fits Your Lifestyle 

Simplify your pursuit by identifying the type of property that suits your lifestyle best, be it a single-family home offering privacy and space, a patio villa embodying compact luxury, a courtyard villa projecting a community appeal, or a cottage that is a testament to fine architecture. Understanding what you want can lead to a more focused, and ultimately more successful, hunt. 

Explore the Neighborhoods 

The Villages is an intricately woven tapestry of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and characteristic. Explore them. Soak in the ambiance. Picture your daily life in each. Only by understanding the pulse of these diverse neighborhoods can you decide where your heart feels at home. 

Visit the Property 

Pictures and descriptions can only convey so much. Visiting the property allows you to experience its full scope, its personality, and its magic. It allows you to observe the neighborhood, hear the whispers of the wind, feel the pulse of the environment, taste the local lifestyle, and see the property in the vivid canvas of reality. 

Consider the Resale Value 

Every property purchase is an investment, and investments should promise returns. Even as you fall in love with a property, consider its potential resale value. The location, the community amenities, the state of the property, all play a critical role in determining its future market value. 

Making a real estate purchase in The Villages is more than just a transaction; it’s a life-changing decision, a step towards a lifestyle painted in the shades of joy, tranquility, and fulfilled dreams. Approach it with calculated thoughts, open eyes, and, above all, an open heart ready to embrace a vibrant, new chapter of life. And as your proud signature graces the final paperwork, remember, it’s not just a property you’re buying, but a home where the music of your future memories will play.

Investing in The Villages Real Estate: A Lucrative Opportunity

As we journey afoot into the realm of investment opportunities, the radiant allure of real estate in The Villages, Florida, presents an intriguing and potentially lucrative prospect. The appeal of this investment isn’t merely confined to the unmistakable beauty of the region or the ageless charm of its homes. Rather, it permeates deeper, nestling within the dynamism, competitiveness, and resilience of its real estate market.

Visions of stucco rooftops nestled against clear Florida skies, verdant golf courses lining the vista, the murmur of neighboring commotion – aren’t these the pictures that dance within the would-be investor’s mind, begging ambition to rise and seize the opportunity?

This, in essence, is the sturdy allure of The Villages real estate investment, a harmonious blend of tangible beauty and the promise of robust returns.

What, then, are the key aspects that transform the notion of investing into an alluring tangible reality? Let us delve deeper into the myriad facets that lend The Villages’ real estate investment its iridescent shine.

The Nexus of Demand and Supply 

The rhythm of the real estate market in The Villages beats to the measured cadence of supply and demand. The ever-escalating demand for homes in this idyllic setting, coupled with the consistent supply of diverse property types, ensures a vibrant market that promises rewarding returns. The essential dynamism of this market is other than the cornerstone from where this investment’s rich potential emerges.

Strong Property Value Appreciation 

True to the adage of land being a finite resource, this sense of scarcity alongside the growing demand has graced The Villages with notable property value appreciation. Indeed, the voyage of a home in The Villages often sings an enchanting ballad of continual growth – from the initial purchase towards a future encrusted with compelling returns.

Distinctive Rental Market 

Not to be concealed in the shadow of purchase investment, the rental market also glows with a distinctive luster, particularly due to the region’s popularity with snowbirds. These winter residents, seeking warmth within The Villages’ serene embrace, contribute to an invigorated rental market and offer a reliable source of rental income.

Let us not lose sight of the intrinsic pleasure that accompanies such an investment either. By investing in The Villages, one steps not merely into the realm of potential profitability, but also engages with the camaraderie, vibrancy, and refinement that characterize this spectacular locale.

Therefore, investing in The Villages real estate presents itself as a truly rewarding endeavor – a pilgrimage of wealth generation that walks hand-in-hand with the enjoyment of unparalleled community living.

The Villages Real Estate

The Villages vs. Other Retirement Communities: What Sets It Apart

In the panorama of retirement communities across America, The Villages emerges with a distinctive signature, showcasing traits that set it above par; a harmony of individuality, lifestyle diversity, and community spirit. Living in The Villages is not merely about retiring; it is about embarking on a new chapter of exploration, vibrancy, and vigor. 

The Villages stands apart in its emphasis on fostering an active and engaging social scene. Most retirement communities offer basic amenities like swimming pools, a few sports facilities, and communal halls. But here, the tapestry of amenities is interwoven with the fabric of the community — a testament to the community’s commitment to facilitating an active, engaging lifestyle for its residents. The Villages hosts more than 2000 organized clubs and offers a multitude of recreational facilities including shared outdoor spaces, walking trails, theaters, and green spaces, not to mention the plethora of golf courses. 

A key compelling difference between The Villages and many other retirement communities is the dynamic and vibrant town squares. The Villages boasts three distinctively themed town squares, each pulsating with a unique energy — invariably brimming with shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, hosting nightly free entertainment 365 days a year, assisting in crafting integral socializing platforms to build lasting friendships. 

Another distinguishing factor of The Villages is its vast diversity of real estate choices. Retirement communities often limit the types of homes available, but The Villages breaks this norm by offering a vast array of properties ranging from cozy cottage-like villas to expansive, luxurious homes. As a result, the community can cater to a wide spectrum of preferences and budgets, providing retirement options that are as unique as the individuals who call The Villages home. 

What makes The Villages truly exceptional is the sense of community and lasting friendships that are fostered here. Many residents attest to the idyllic community ambiance, underlined by the spirit of camaraderie and an environment that encourages meaningful connections. Here, your neighbors are not mere acquaintances but friends, mentors, golf partners, and travel companions. 

The brilliance of The Villages lies in its innovative approach to retirement living. It personifies an amalgamation of vibrant community life, diverse property options, bountiful recreational facilities, and a strong sense of camaraderie — rendering it a beacon within the realm of retirement communities, truly in a class all its own.

The Villages Real Estate: Current Trends and Future Outlook

As the sun rises over the manicured lawns and gleaming properties of The Villages, it’s clear the pulse of this unique enclave is ever-evolving. The recent trends in The Villages real estate market shed light not only on the state of the market today, but they also offer valuable insights into its promising future. 

One of the affirming characteristics has been the enduring increase in property values. Housing prices in The Villages have seen a consistent upward trend over the years, reflective of its golden touch – its desirable lifestyle, excellent amenities, and dynamic community. 

Beyond price appreciation, there’s a strong demand for homes in The Villages. The burgeoning interest from active adults ready to switch to a vibrant, fulfilling retirement life has consistently kept the real estate market in The Villages a sellers’ market. 

However, purchasers do not need to worry – there’s been a significant increase in the construction of new homes, aiming to ensure a balanced market. The supply of different types of properties, from stylish patio villas to luxurious single-family homes, continues to grow, keeping up with the varying preferences and budgets of home buyers. 

Looking to the future, the outlook is positive. The Villages shows no signs of relinquishing its crown as a top-tier retirement destination. As more baby boomers approach retirement and continue to see The Villages as the place to spend their golden years, demand is expected to stay strong. 

At the same time, careful community planning and expansion will ensure The Villages remains an attractive place to move. As the elements of a small town merge with the amenities of a larger city, the evolution continues, with new neighborhoods, world-class amenities, and a plethora of social and recreational activities being added. 

The future of The Villages real estate market radiates with as much warmth as its sunny climate, unswerving in its promise for growth and a dynamic lifestyle. It’s a haven that continues to resonate with many, proving its worth in the real estate world as an investment for both present serenity and future security.

The Villages Real Estate

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About The Villages Real Estate

With such a unique character and charm, The Villages attract many queries about its real estate market. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions to shed light on this vibrant, thriving community: 

1. Where is The Villages located? 

The Villages is nestled in Central Florida, about an hour north of Orlando. It spans across three counties: Sumter, Marion, and Lake counties. 

2. What types of homes are available in The Villages? 

The Villages offers a diverse array of homes starting from single-family homes, patio villas, courtyard villas, to luxurious veranda homes and cottages. Each offers distinctive charm and characteristics, providing options for every lifestyle and budget. 

3. How much does real estate cost in The Villages? 

The cost of real estate in The Villages can vary widely dependent on factors such as locality, size of the home, age of the property, and the amenities offered. Home prices can range anywhere from $100,000 for a modest villa, all the way up to over a million dollars for an expansive, luxury home. 

4. How is the real estate market in The Villages? 

With a vibrant and active community, The Villages’ real estate market is robust and dynamic, showcasing a strong resale market and consistent demand. 

5. Are there any recreational opportunities available in The Villages? 

Absolutely! The Villages is rich with recreational amenities, from golf courses, tennis, fitness centers, outdoor trails, to a plethora of clubs and social activities. It’s an ideal setting for an active, enjoyable retiree life. 

6. What is the demographic of The Villages? 

Primarily an age-restricted community, The Villages cater largely to retirees looking for an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The median age in the community is 71.7 years. 

7. Do The Villages have any Medical facilities? 

Yes, The Villages is known for strong healthcare facilities including The Villages Regional Hospital, specialty clinics, and numerous medical centers located throughout the community. 

The knowledge is key when navigating The Villages’ real estate. The better equipped with information, the smoother your journey into this Floridian paradise will be.

The Villages – Knowing More

  1. The Villages is a master-planned retirement community located in central Florida.
  2. The community was established in the 1960s and has experienced significant growth over the years.
  3. The Villages offers a wide range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and villas.
  4. Residents of The Villages have access to a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options within the community.
  5. The community has its own healthcare facilities, including a hospital and medical centers.
  6. It is the largest retirement community in the United States, with a population of over 130,000 residents.
  7. The Villages covers parts of three counties in Florida: Lake, Sumter, and Marion.

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