Magic Beach Motel, Vilano Beach, Florida

magic beach motel - vilano beach

Welcome to Magic Beach Motel in Vilano Beach

Stepping into any one of the divine sanctuaries, you’ll find they emanate a spellbinding freshness, a testament to their recent complete revitalization and modernization the Magic Beach Hotel.

Nestled within each intimate chamber, you’ll discover an array of enchantments free for your utilization – a caress of uninterrupted wi-fi, mattresses as soft as a cloud’s embrace, cool refrigerators harboring your thirst-quenching potions, microwaves as quick to cook as a sorcerer’s spell, the comforting charm of a coffee maker, and hair dryers as refreshing as a morning breeze. And should your heart yearn for something above and beyond the ordinary, allow us to unveil the splendor of the Jacuzzi rooms, each revealing a panoramic display of the boundless ocean, or immerse yourself in the opulent grandeur of one of the luxurious three-room suites. 

At the heart and soul of Magic Beach Motel is a singular, unyielding ethos – to fill your sojourn with every conceivable joy and delight. 

magic beach motel - vilano beach

The History Behind Magic Beach Motel

Adorned with time, history, and an eccentric charm, the Magic Beach Motel weaves an oft-told tale in the heart of Florida. It finds its roots nestled deeply in the year 1951, a humble edifice amidst an array of quaint motels that dotted this beachfront panorama. Through the looking glass of yesteryears, one can perceive its humble beginnings, its many custodians altering hands, each leaving an indelible mark on its facade. Fast forward to the mesmerizing era of the late ’90s, this demure motel transmuted into a hub of thrill and intrigue. A fleet of trucks and motor homes invaded the erstwhile tranquil spaces across the domicile, along with an enigmatic patrol car standing sentinel in the motel’s parking lot. 

The strands of mystery soon unraveled as residents discovered the role of this vehicle in the backdrop of the much-anticipated filming of “Safe Harbor”. The inn, christened the Magic Beach Motel, was the cradle of the playful narrative of a sheriff and paternal protagonist, ably enacted by Gregory Harrison, residing with his trio of sons. His mother, the vibrant character portrayed by Rue McClanahan, presided over the motel and was a home-maker to this rather harmonious ménage. The motel’s sign illuminated in all its glory, drawing from the entrancing world of magic and illusion, owing to the fictional owner’s conjurer spouse. 

As the relentless tide of time surged forth, the quintessence of Magic Beach Motel didn’t quite escape its clutches. Years etched themselves onto its structure, and a blaze that engulfed it in 2010 left the grand dame in a state of disrepair. Yet, in a stunning testament to its resilient spirit, a thorough refurbishment two years thence breathed new life into it. Balancing the scales of tradition and modernity, the motel emerged from its ashes, rejuvenated, on June 20, 2012. Now, this beacon of the Art-Deco period stands resplendent with ostentatious pink flamingos, vivid colors, and neon allure. The pièce de résistance is the Magic Beach Motel sign, reminding spectators and residents of its enchanting lineage. 

The motel’s abode seeped in vibrant murals that have stood, reverently, the test of time, owners, and restorations. Visitors are greeted by the grandeur of Ponce de Leon’s depiction and the storied vistas of St. Augustine, including the esteemed Flagler College. These calming images have emerged victorious from time’s trial, augmenting the motel’s charisma and lending credence to its intriguing past.

magic beach motel - vilano beach

Accommodation: Comfort and Unique Style

Allow me, dear reader, to share the wonders of accommodation at the Magic Beach Motel. Imagine this if you will: unique, charmingly retro rooms that transcend the ordinary, providing an unparalleled marriage of comfort and style. Each individual space exudes an aesthetic charm redolent of the styles of yesteryear, interspersed with the modern conveniences that 21st-century travelers have come to expect. The rooms, each a tapestry of vivid hues and vintage patterns, ensure your sojourn is nothing short of magical. 

Every generously-sized guest room whispers tales of comfort, artfully adorned with furniture reminiscent of an old world charm while providing the luxurious comforts of a feather-soft bed. Lush, warm blankets and superior-quality pillows envelop you, promising the sweetest dreams. The soft flicker of a bedside lamp bathes the room in a golden glow, its light whispering lullabies of enchantment into the tranquility of the night. 

Each nook and cranny of these cozy quarters holds a secret to discover, like the quaint vanity mirrors that conjure images of vintage Hollywood or the intricate printed drapes that tell stories of a time long past. The walls, incessantly echoing the oceanic theme, are swathed in enchanting shades of azure, and adorned with curious artifacts of nautical memorabilia. Such details, is how Magic Beach Motel artfully weaves a narrative around its history. 

The modern creature comforts and amenities are not left by the wayside. There are the flat-screen televisions that offer a range of channels for your viewing pleasure. Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi keeps you connected with the world beyond these time-capsule accommodations. The bathrooms, oh the bathrooms! Marked by scr 

magic beach motel - vilano beach

Hotel Rooms Near Vilano Beach

Two Room Suite with 2 Queen Beds and Kitchen

  • Two Queen Beds in Two Separate Rooms
  • Kitchen, Futon, Flat Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning.

King with Spa Tub and Balcony (Limited Ocean View)

  • King Bed with Spa Tub
  • Balcony, Spa Tub, Flat Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning.

Two Queen Beds with Spa Tub

  • Two Queen Beds with Spa Tub
  • Spa Tub, Balcony, Flat Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning.

King Standard

  • Standard guest room with king bed
  • Mini-Fridge, Microwave, Flat Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning.

Accessible Room with King Bed

  • ADA Guest Room with King Bed and Roll-In Shower.
  • Mini-Fridge, Microwave, Flat Screen TV, Free Wi-Fi, Air Conditioning.
  • Handicap room & wheelchair accessible room and parking
magic beach motel - vilano beach

Facilities and Amenities: Everything You Need for a Memorable Stay

Imagine stepping into one oasis of comfort, each room meticulously and lovingly renovated and updated to serve you better. Picture yourself enveloped by the inviting warmth and cozy rooms, where various conveniences await your delight. The pulsating echo of free wi-fi access is at your fingertips, an invisible strand connecting you to the pulsating world outside. Each room cradles you with the luxurious embrace of pillow-top mattresses, an abode where sleep whispers sweet nothings into your ear as you drift off into the world of dreams. 

Each radiant room is a haven, equipped with both refrigerators and microwaves, your companions in the daily dance of life’s sustenance, ready to mirror your culinary exploits in this home away from home. Savor the soul-soothing aroma of coffee from in-room coffee makers, elixirs that sing sunshine into your mornings. And should you need to prepare for a day of seaside exploration or a night under the Florida stars, there are sleek and stylish hair dryers for your convenience. 

Inside the shell of each humble room whispers the beguiling promise of sheer luxury—an ocean view room with a Jacuzzi, where the ocean tells tales of distant lands and sunken dreams. Imagine bathing under the serene prancing of liquid sunshine or the reflective dance of glittering moonbeams through generous windows overlooking the salty expanse. And for those seeking an experience beyond compare, the regal three-room suites sit atop offerings, a testament to the commitment to pampering you in grand style. Remember to inquire about these jewels in the crown when you cross the thresholds. Such rooms, dear traveler, eagerly await your discovery and delight.

In-Room AmenitiesHotel Amenities & Services
Air Conditioning
​Coffee Maker
​Mini Fridge
​Jacuzzi Tub (in Some Rooms)
​Work Desk
​Flatscreen TV
​Free Wi-Fi
Free Parking
​Free High-Speed Internet
​Outdoor Pool
​Non-Smoking Hotel
​Close to Vilano Beach
​Retro Style Rooms
​Ocean View Rooms
​Private Rooms
magic beach motel - vilano beach

Attractions Nearby Vilano Beach

If your heart yearns for exploration and the chance to uncover the beating pulse of Saint Augustine, let all fears be cast aside! In place of obsessive planning and ceaseless scouring excursion possibilities, there is a handpicked bouquet of spectacularseeing attractions.

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum

Oh, what a grand sight awaits you but a stone’s throw away from the Magic Beach Motel—the mighty St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum. It stands, an impassive guardian of history, cut against the vibrant azure of the Florida sky. With its spiraling black and white stripes, the lighthouse rises like a monument against oblivion, a beacon spreading its illustrious historic stories into the boundless expanse. 


Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum

Crossing the threshold of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum is akin to slipping the surly bonds of reality and stepping into a fantastical realm that straddles the line between the astonishing truths of our universe and the raving reveries of imagination. Resting just a mere 3-mile amble from the welcoming grounds of our Magic Beach Motel, this mesmerizing attraction promises an exploration of our world’s inimitable curiosities, artfully stitched together in a vast tapestry of the amazing, the astounding, and the downright baffling, all within the confines of a majestic, antiquated castle. 


Oldest Wooden School House

In the romantic dust of history, an easy beckoning awaits at the Oldest Wooden School House, which stands enshrined as a splendid time capsule echoing the wisdom of yesteryears, a mere eight-minute drive from the Magic Beach Motel. Conceived in the 18th century under the abundant gifts of the live oaks and cedar trees, hushed whispers of Spanish Colonial architecture speak eloquently throughout its wood-woven tapestry. Amid whispers of mysterious lore, the barn-red facade graciously conceals a cosmic montage of time, education, and enduring fortitude, all inscribed in Florida’s rich chronicle. 


Old Town Trolley Tours

Stroll down the bricked walkways of memory as an enchanting contest between antiquity and the whispering sea breeze unfurls with the charm of the Old Town Trolley Tours. A gallant chariot borne of nostalgia, the trolleys offer an evocative sojourn through the very steps of history, graced by the air of romance and intrigue that imbued the streets of Vilano Beach ages ago. 

167 San Marco Avenue, St. Augustine, FL, USA

Black Raven Adventures

Imagine stepping aboard a vessel where the lines between history and fantasy blur, a ship that exists in two worlds and none – welcome to Black Raven Adventures. Here exists the only live and interactive pirate cruises in the scenic city of St. Augustine. The illustrious Black Raven is no mere ship, it was meticulously designed, lovingly built with one singular, enchanting purpose: to exist as a floating stage. A platform upon the wavering sea where captivating tales of buccaneering lads and lasses unfold, tales as deep as the ocean and as wild as the winds. Each member of the talented crew engages in spirited camaraderie with the audience, as they breathe life into an unscripted and lively performance on all aspects piratical. 

111 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, FL, USA

Scenic Cruise

Imagine yourself aboard the regal Victory III, where time slows to a serene saunter and the cares of the world dissipate like the frothy wake behind you. As you drift effortlessly on the glassy waters of historic St. Augustine, surrender yourself to an enchanting saga of one hour and fifteen minutes, a journey which becomes a ballad narrated by the seasoned voice of the Captain himself. Such an expedition offers an unrivaled vantage point, to not only marvel at the rich tapestry of historical landmarks that garnish the mesmerizing visage of this nation’s eldest city, but also to bask in the enrapturing beauty inhabiting the pristine sanctuary that is Matanzas Bay. 

111 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Fort Matanzas

Imagine stepping back in time, to an era of conquest and defence, as you noblely enter the realm of the Fort Matanzas National Monument. This historic bastion, gallantly erected in the remarkable year of 1742, once served as a resolute defender of the enchanting city of St. Augustine, tirelessly resisting the incessant siege of the British. Standing watch like a stalwart guardian over the mesmerising Matanzas Inlet, it hugs the breezy Florida coastline a mere 15 miles south of St. Augustine. Amidst the relentless dance of ebbing tides and shifting sands, this venerable monument has persisted, asserting its presence for an extraordinary span of over 250 years.

8635 A1A South, St. Augustine, FL, USA

St. Augustine Eco Tours

Imagine yourself enraptured in the sublime beauty of the popular Dolphin, Birding & Nature Tour, where you’ll find yourself entering a world unlike any other, dancing in the murmurations of birds and sharing secrets with the dolphins that frolic in this azure waters. The Photography Tour beckons to those who wish to capture such ethereal moments forever within the confines of their lens, embodying a tangible testimony of time suspended. The gentle whispers of the wind beckon you to the Beachcombing Tour, where you’ll unravel the untouched tales told by the sea through its precious bounty. Should your heart crave a unique narrative, reach out to us for a private Eco Tours adventure, tailor-made to your dreams. Each tour, a symphony of nature’s grandeur, awaits your presence.

111 Avenida Menendez, St. Augustine, FL, USA

Fountain of Youth

Immerse yourself in the enchanting history of the first Spanish settlers, beneath the ancient whispering trees of the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. A history-drenched arena of 15 acres, this waterfront utopia calls forth the romantic tales of the 1600s with an almost surreal effervescence. It softly narrates the fascinating story of the indigenous Timucuans; the original inhabitants of this land, ready to welcome the foreign settlers with an open heart. 

11 Magnolia Ave, St. Augustine, Florida, USA

magic beach motel - vilano beach

Conclusion: An Unforgettable Stay at Magic Beach Motel

As the final curtain of this poetic reverie begins to draw, one cannot help but baptize the experience of staying at the Magic Beach Motel in the sacred waters of unforgettable memory. Like a grand epic that entertains, educates, and evokes, each moment spent within its colorful walls, whether in solitude or in the company of loved ones, is a testament to the timeless allure of the Magic Beach Motel. 

Awakening under its exotic roof, bathed in the Florida sun, it is but impossible to not feel a deeper bond with nature. The motel’s enticing proximity to glorious Vilano Beach and the lapping waves of the abundant Atlantic is a siren song to the soul of the traveler. It’s a sonnet that sings the symphony of the shore, reverberating with the murmurs of seashells and the dance of passionate palm trees, wheeling gulls performing aerial ballet in the cerulean vast. 

Despite its eccentric exterior, the Magic Beach Motel offers comfort beyond what meets the eye, making it much more than a traveller’s respite. Whether it is the divine comfort of their beds which seem to cradle you in a sea of dreams, or the pristine housekeeping services that maintain each room in the flawless state of a freshly bloomed flower, the motel is a haven of relaxation. To further underscore this claim is a repertoire of amenities that dances through the vision like a Masquerade Ball, ensuring that no desire remains unfulfilled. 

The motel’s strategic location, set amidst the glory of nearby attractions, further heightens its magnetic charm. From the illuminating beacon of St. Augustine’s Lighthouse to the enigma of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum, the area is a treasure trove of culture and history. Not to forget the Oldest Wooden School House, which stands as a tribute to the inextinguishable light of knowledge. Each enticing excursion is a step taken in the melody of time, binding the traveler in a love affair with this historic city’s past. 

In these tempestuous times, the Magic Beach Motel stands as a safe harbor, offering impeccable security measures for the peace of mind of every guest. The plan of the staff, their unwavering commitment to your needs, combined with their professional ability to render seamless service, elevates the experience to that of regal satisfaction. 

In conclusion, each passing moment at the Magic Beach Motel is a note in the symphony of an everlasting memory. The melody of its allure strikes a chord so deep within one’s spirit that the echo lingers forever. To stay within its radiant ambit is not just a means to an end, it is an unforgettable journey, a dalliance with beauty, a dance with destiny. As such, the Magic Beach Motel is more than just a motel; it is an experience that becomes a part of you, a memory to be visited time and time again.

magic beach motel - vilano beach

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