Key West: A Good Place to Live in Florida?

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Location & Geography

Step forth and immerse yourself in the splendor of Key West, the vibrant jewel at the end of the Florida Keys island chain. Its beguiling geographical location beckons dreamers from far and wide. 

Key West, as if it were a ship moored at the edge of the country, is the southernmost point of the continental United States. With its coordinates brazenly flashing on the brightly colored buoy at 24.5 degrees north latitude and 81.8 degrees west longitude, it is closer to Havana, Cuba than to Miami, Florida. 

Nature, in her infinite wisdom, has swathed this island city in a garb of affluent beauty. Encompassing a modest area of 7.4 square miles, it is swaddled by the azure embraces of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the tranquil Gulf of Mexico to the west. Here, the water’s touch is as tender and soothing as the caress of a doting mother. 

Everywhere you turn, the island’s geography weaves its siren’s song. The rich, verdant tropical vegetation shrouds the landscape, architectural charms pay gallant homage to the historical Bahamian and Spanish influences, and the heartfelt rhythms of the sea whisper in melodious undertones. 

The topography of Key West is as flat and welcoming as the palm of an outstretched hand. The highest point in the city, the Solares Hill, stands modestly at just 18 feet above sea level. This gentle rise and fall creates a dance between land and waterscape, and offers an unobstructed view of the spectacular horizons. 

In the geography of Key West, one discerns a perfect symmetry between natural splendor and the allure of human habitation. Here, every sunrise and sunset are like brush strokes on a resplendent canvas, held aloft by a deep blue vault, and every inch of the landscape seems whispered into existence by an inspired muse. In this expanse of tropical wonder, you are not just living; you are part of an ongoing symphony that celebrates the art of existence.

Key West is the southernmost city in the contiguous United States, located on the island of Key West in the Florida Keys. It’s known for its tropical climate, historic sites, and vibrant nightlife.

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Ah, the climate of the illustrious Key West, an element dressed in its own allure. Swathed in the soft, shimmering robes of sunbeams, this southernmost gem of the Sunshine State carries an eternal kiss of warmth upon its brow, a silent testament to its subtropical musings. To dwell in Key West is to dance with the morning sunlight as it filters through delicate tendrils of palm leaves, to savor the gentle whisperings of the balmy breeze that caresses the skin, to drink in the lullaby of the lapping waves on each evening’s tide. 

The allure of Key West is its consistency. A year-round comfort is found in Key West’s folds, as the mercury rarely dares to dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, even in winter’s deepest sigh, and the heat of high summer presents itself modestly, rarely exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The sky, a canvas of vibrant blue, dares only occasionally to be draped in the grey veil of transient showers, and even then, only for a short-lived waltz during the wet season of May through October. 

Yet, for those venturing into the embrace of Key West, it must be known, as with any place beneath the sun’s tender orbit, that she sometimes engages in a dance with tropical cyclones. Her geographical location, skirting the feverish dance floor of the Atlantic hurricane belt, lends Key West to occasional bouts of nature’s fervor, ordinarily from August to November. However, true to her resilience and stoicism, Key West stands strong, her architecture imbued with the fortitude of storms past, ready to weather the dance of the tempest. 

The climate of Key West waxes and wanes like an immersive sonnet, her daily narrative written in the language of the sun, the sea, and the wind. So allow yourself to captive in her subtropical rhapsody, understanding her tempest sonnets and sun-kissed verses. For in them you will experience the sweetest soliloquy spoken by the cosmos.

  • Tropical Climate: Key West has a tropical climate with mild winters and warm summers. It’s an ideal location for those who prefer warm weather year-round.
  • Hurricane Season: Being in the tropics, Key West is susceptible to hurricanes. However, modern buildings are constructed to be hurricane-resistant.
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Housing Market

Enter a dreamscape; picture a tableau of pastel hues, quaint conch houses, historically designed townhomes, modern abodes and grand bungalows with sweeping verandas. This diverse range of enchanting housing aesthetics paints the vivid character of the real-estate landscape in Key West. Much like the diverse collection of shells found on its beaches, the housing market in Key West offers an eclectic array of dwellings, each bearing its distinct personality and charm. 

Underneath the warmth of the Florida sun, screws turn, nails punctuate, and the clatter of ground-breaking reflects the robust activity in Key West’s housing market. The Median Home value, a mirror reflecting the affordability and desirability of the locale, stands radiant at approximately $676,800, a testament to the island’s allure. 

Yet, amidst the beauty and allure, let us heed the call of pragmatism. While the median home value towers in grandeur, the Median Rent in Key West also echoes a lofty note at around $2,467. It invites individuals seeking a semi-permanent or temporary abode in its embrace, casting a wide net to those with varied housing needs. 

For those who place their faith in the age-old axiom – ‘Land is the best investment’, the feverish growth of the housing market in Key West validates their wisdom. The real estate market has bloomed like a Poinciana in full burst over the years – a colorful display of immense potential and promising returns. 

Oh, the effect of time on this marvellous island! Years have washed over its shores, woven inextricably into the very fabric of the place, and with that passage, the inflation-adjusted price for Key West’s housing has risen approximately 142% over the past 20 years. It is the ticking of a promising investment clock – a beckoning call to those who dare see beyond the present and into the realm of future growth. 

Though the reality of costs may seem a daunting precipice to some, fear not, for within the intricate balance of life in Key West, an essential variable gently surfaces – the Median Household Income. Brimming around $63,127, this income comfortably supports the cost of living in this sun-kissed isle. 

A closer glimpse into the housing economy unveils a blending of owner-occupied homes and rental houses, breathing life into a vibrant mix of permanence and transition. This swirling dance of stability and fluidity, of homes owned and homes rented, spins a unique tale of an accommodating housing market befitting diverse residential needs. 

Imagine stepping into a scene from a Hemingway novel, where the walls whisper stories of an illustrious past and windows open to a promising future. This is the housing market of Key West. Exuding timeless elegance and sporting a promising economic landscape, it holds the promise to nurture the lives of new dwellers in a cradle of comfort woven with threads of history, culture, and natural beauty.

  • Property Values: As of my last update, the median home value in Key West was on the higher side due to its desirable location and limited land. However, prices can vary based on the neighborhood and property type.
  • Rental Market: The rental market is active, with many properties available for both short-term vacation rentals and long-term leases.
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Economy & Employment

Upon striding into the realms of Key West’s economy, one finds oneself amidst a booming symphony, a sea of opportunities that call forth to intrepid voyagers and stalwart professionals alike. Touched by the grandeur of tourism, a golden industry in this piece of paradise, the economy orchestrates an intricate dance, rendering it an ebullient and prosperous hub. 

The pulse of this economy emanates from the heartbeat of its tourism. Like a lighthouse guiding lost seafarers, the allure of Key West’s natural charms beckons to scores of tourists annually. This million-dollar industry sweeps in a colorful wave of job opportunities, boosting its median household income. With a healthy employment rate, this city paints the picture of a promising and affluent land. 

Enthused by the presence of a large military base, the labor market is additionally gifted with numerous public-sector jobs, creating a diverse, vibrant employment palette. Census data points towards a median household income significantly above the national average, further burnishing the already enchanting appeal of this town to potential settlers. 

Beyond the thriving tourism and public sector, maritime industries also contribute a meaningful verse to the ode of this economy. Its sparkling emerald waters, abundant marine life, and strategic location lend themselves to a profitable maritime industry, involving aspects of fishing, boat-building, and harbors. Residents with a knack for nautical activities often find an inviting berth in this arena. 

No saga of riches would be complete without a jewel. For Key West, this is its robust real estate market, mirroring the stability of its diversified economy. From affluence flows wealthy investors and affluent retirees, attracted to the siren’s call of this sun-bathed isle, eager to invest in the residential market. Their participation further fuels the real estate sector, contributing to elevated median home prices and rental rates paving the way for bountiful opportunities in property endeavours. 

However, like any other city, Key West too follows the undulating rhythm of boom and recession. Its economy, so intricately intertwined with tourism, faces fluctuations with seasonal visitors. Yet, it thrives, resilient and steadfast, creating an environment ripe for employment, and a landscape seemingly crafted for economic prosperity.

  • Tourism: Key West’s economy heavily relies on tourism. The city attracts millions of visitors each year.
  • Fishing & Marine Industries: Being an island, Key West also has a significant fishing industry.
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The Shakespearean fervor that echoes in the balmy air of Key West isn’t confined to the flamboyant sunsets or the music of the tides alone; it is also a prominent participant in the realm of knowledge quest. The city, although quaint and tranquil, bears a library of learning opportunities and, in its shroud of education, promises a sweet serenade of enlightenment, pulsating in rhythm with the island’s sea breeze. 

Monroe County School District presides over Key West’s educational landscape, accentuating its charm like a pearl necklace. The district is home to schools that resemble lanterns of knowledge, illuminating young minds. It comprises of nine public schools catering for pre-kindergarten through to twelfth grade, each school dripping in potential, engaging students in a symphony of intellects and oozing with the city’s vibrant energy. 

Learners seeking to pursue higher education are welcomed by the Florida Keys Community College. Dubbed the “only comprehensive college” in Monroe County, it sways like a swan of education, floating gracefully in the landscape of Key West, offering an array of degree programs and technical certificates. Its academic ambiance, as multifaceted as the region’s coral reefs, nurtures scholars in a blend of literature, science, and arts, while channeling the vibrant marine life’s spirit. Birdsong foretells one’s intellectual voyage as they step into this edifice of learning. 

In addition to the traditional academic establishments, Key West also houses numerous language schools and cultural education centers, opening the world’s languages as if they were blooming hibiscus flowers – radiant, fragrant, and inviting. 

But the discourse of educational glory in Key West doesn’t halt with academics. No, indeed. The city unrolls opportunities for lifelong learning for all age groups, ensconced in its jewel box of public resources – her libraries. The Key West Library, a romantic rendezvous for bibliophiles, and the Monroe County public libraries, stock an eclectic mix of print and digital media that breathe wisdom into the air. 

For those with a penchant for the arts, the “Studios of Key West” offer workshops and classes, whispering the secret language of creativity into the ears of those who dare to inhale its magical ethos. 

In this island paradise, education is an adventure in itself. It is an eagle soaring against the backdrop of the endless sky, a conch shell whispering tales of the deep-blue sea, a painting sketched in the colors of life. In Key West, acquiring knowledge is as thrilling an adventure as diving the shipwrecked remnants of the sunken Atocha or sailing the whimsical, azure canvas spread by the Gulf of Mexico.

There are several schools in Key West, including elementary, middle, and high schools. Additionally, there’s the Florida Keys Community College for higher education.

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Lifestyle & Recreation

Uncover an enchanting lifestyle in Key West, where each day welcomes you like a bewitching sonnet of an early summer dawn. Imagine a life unburdened by the hurried ticking of cosmopolitan clocks, instead tempered by the soft shuffle of palm fronds whispered by the sea breeze. This is not merely a place to live, it’s an ode to living itself.

The heartbeat of Key West lies in its recreational activities, luring both adventurers and solace-seekers. Serenade your senses with the town’s treasured pastimes and discover why Ernest Hemingway chose to surrender his heart to this captivating isle. 

  • Watersports: As a virtuoso of the sea, Key West puts on a glorious symphony of watersports. You may discover your rhythm kiteboarding under a cerulean expanse, or perhaps you will dance along ocean currents as you snorkel and scuba dive among vibrant coral reefs. Sail towards the setting sun with hues of mango and raspberry sherbet painted across the horizon, an experience as gratifying as a beautifully phrased couplet.
  • Fishing: Call upon Neptune’s bounty with deep-sea fishing excursions that yield treasures from the depths. Alternatively, become a poet of patience sitting on sun-warmed docks, contemplating your verse as you angle for fish in the tranquil waters.
  • Biking: Cycle through history with tales etched in the facades of Key West’s classic architecture. Feel the rhythm of the streets, pulsating with stories and colors as you gently tread the warm cobblestones.
  • Arts & Culture: Immerse yourself in a microcosm of diverse cultures where local art galleries flirt with international influences, theatre thrives under starlit canopies, and music serenades you from every corner. Feel the cadence of a truly grown, organically evolved local culture, steeped in history.
  • Beaches: Key West boasts beautiful beaches like Smathers Beach and Fort Zachary Taylor.
  • Historic Sites: The city is home to several historic sites, including the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.
  • Nightlife: Duval Street is famous for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

A living piece of art colored in vivid hues of passionate reds, tranquil blues, and vivacious greens, Key West offers a kaleidoscopic tableau of life. Leisure and recreation intertwine in a mellifluous sonnet. It’s not simply about the quantity of recreational activities, but the quality, the depth, the enchantment woven into their everyday existence. Imagine your life here, and you imagine life amplified in its finest details.

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Dance with me now, reader, as we explore the lively rhythm of Key West’s transportation, amid a ballet of wheels and waves. Infused is the poetry of movement; the narrative pace of life here, like the gentle current of the sea sliding around ancient coral reefs, is unhurried, deliberate. The automobile, that ubiquitous symbol of American mobility, tremors less in Key West’s streets, permitting the quieter measures to resound—the melodious hum of bicycles, the subtle whisper of coastal winds, the low thrum of ferry engines. 

In this far-flung coral archipelago, where the azure Florida Straits kiss the emerald Gulf of Mexico in a grand paradox of wilderness and habitation, transportation is an adventure of the senses, an exploration turned communion. Pedal-powered journeys beneath palm-shadowed lanes, ferry rides kissed by ocean spray, these are the veins and arteries, the flowing lifeblood of Key West’s transport系统—largely comprised of bicycles, ferries, and to a lesser extent, cars. 

  • Bicycles: In the leaf-dappled byways of Key West, bicycles rule. The city heralds itself as one of Florida’s most bike-friendly enclaves, with numerous lanes and tangle-free paths weaving through its heart. No sonnet can replicate the romance of exploring Key West’s Old Town—an architectural mélange of Bahamian porches, Victorian gingerbread, and Florida Cracker tin roofs—on a bicycle, feeling the gentle wash of sea air and the embrace of the subtropical sun.
  • Ferries: The echo of the seafaring past of Key West reverberates in the hum of the present day ferry services. The splendid choreography of the waterways offers additional modes of transport, beckoning you to explore the neighboring islands or to venture to the mainland. The Key West Express, for instance, conducts daily sojourns to and from Fort Myers on the Gulf Coast, gliding over cobalt waves underneath a water-colored sky.
  • Automobiles: Cars, though not the favored transport, still play a role in Key West’s symphony of motion. The storied Whistle Stop-style CityView Trolley allows you to meander at leisure, hopping on and off as you please, to explore the city at your own pace. Rather than a way to hurry, motored transport in Key West serves as a mode to embrace the unhurried tempo of life.
  • Accessibility: Key West is accessible by road (U.S. Route 1), sea, and air (Key West International Airport).
  • Public Transportation: There are public buses and trolleys that offer routes around the island.

The quaint allure of Key West extends to its local airport, the Key West International Airport. Despite its small size, it serves a key link to the mainland, to Miami, and beyond. It is a sweet contradiction, a modern niche nestled within the bosom of a town that worships the wisdom of the old ways. Of course, countless chartered flights and private jets grace its runways, adding another verse to Key West’s grand opus of transport. 

And so, dear reader, transportation in Key West is not just a matter of commuting—it’s poetry in motion, a ballet on wheels and water. It paints a picture of local life that respects the pace of nature and the beat of life slow-brewed by the comforting cradle of the sea. Deciding to dwell here is to choose to waltz with life in its unhurried tempo, unhasting, unwasted. 

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Envision life as if it were a broadway theater, and the luxuries of safety as the bouncer guarding the entrance. It is in this enclave called Key West, Florida, where the promising allure of safety dances a tantalizing waltz, welcoming its residents into its gentle, protective arms. 

Citing median data and common-sense criteria, Key West emerges as a minstrel in the citadel of security. With crime rates lower than the U.S. average, it sways poised in a dance of tranquility against a backdrop of a fluttering sea breeze. The curtain of safety pulls back, revealing a tableau of calm, where the humdrum of urban chaos is no more than a faint whisper. 

In this ocean-kissed sanctuary, the guardians of our wellbeing tirelessly dance their vigilant ballet. The Key West Police Department swoops in with their commitment to public safety, their purposeful strides echoing a song of reliability. A sense of serenity weaves itself into the social tapestry, cradling the community in a cocoon of comfort. 

“Abode, sweet abode, where safety’s delicate contours grace the skyline with its reassuring silhouette.”

Furthermore, with safety playing its melodious symphony, the harmony amplifies as the conch shells serenade the island’s reputation for its efficient emergency services. Ambulances resonate tunes of prompt responses while fire stations pirouette, armed with fire extinguishers and hoses, prepared to tame the fiery ballet of flames if signaled into action. 

The city’s administration, too, sways to the rhythm of safety, instituting measures to ensure that hurricane threats pirouette swiftly offstage, averting the tragedy of natural disasters. There is an appointed pirouette in place, deemed as the city’s Disaster Plan, which is executed flawlessly when needed, as dancers of protection twirl into action.

But lo, like every melody, safety’s song in Key West is no flawless sonnet; it is important to note that certain neighborhoods might not dance to the same safety symphony as the rest of the city. Yet, compared to the grand ballet stage of Florida, and indeed the broader U.S, this sub-tropical paradise hums a soothing lullaby of security, ensuring safety is no elusive solitaire but a tangible reality. 

Therein lies the serenade of Key West, Florida, where safety pirouettes in perfect rhythm, promising a secured haven beneath a conch shell sky.  Key West is generally considered safe for residents and tourists. However, like any city, it’s always essential to be aware of your surroundings.

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Pros & Cons of Living in Key West

In the same majestic language of a Shakespearean sonnet or a Homeric epic, let us now weave a balanced picture of the bountiful beauties and potential burdens synonymous with life in Key West. This serenely scaled canvas of tropical paradise, although adorned with a resplendent scattering of glimmering seashells and bordered by molten sunsets, has its own paradoxical duality. 

The Treasures:

  1. The Climate:

    Versed in the language of endless summer, Key West is a testament to tranquility, a paradise of perpetual warmth. With a sultry sonnet of sun, it serenades those weary of winter’s harsh whisper.

  2. Recreational Opportunities:

    A veritable library of leisure, Key West catalogues adventures suitable for every ilk of explorer, from the adrenaline-addled kite surfer to the silent admirer of coral gardens.

  3. Community:

    As the utopian symphony’s harmoniously tuned string, the community is impressively diverse, upholding a flamboyant culture that applauds individuality and champions inclusivity.

  4. Historical Allure:

    Key West pens a love letter to its past, passionately preserving historical landmarks and regaling visitors with rich stories about famed residents, chief among them the renowned author Ernest Hemingway.

The Trials:

  1. Cost of Living:

    Adopting the grandiloquent gestures of a stage villain, the cost of living in Key West stands formidably high. This luxurious paradise, with its ebullient embrace, extracts a prince’s ransom in exchange for its cerulean charms.

  2. Housing Market:

    The epic saga of the housing market is an arduous odyssey, fraught with skyrocketing home values and rent prices that threaten to eclipse the radiance of the residing population’s financial comfort.

  3. Transport Limitations:

    Bound by the confines of its insular identity, Key West offers limited routes to the mainland, contributing to an inevitable sense of isolation.

  4. Extreme Weather:

    The tempest’s tumultuous dance is a unique spectacle performed under the tropical stage of Key West; severe storms and the looming threat of hurricanes add a bite of bitter uncertainty to this paradise.

In conclusion, Key West is akin to a grand orchestral composition – dynamic, vibrant, teeming with a multiplicity of characteristics that celebrate harmony as much as discord. It is an echoing symphony residing within the realm of the sublime, where the profound beauty of the melody comes, in part, from its embrace of the occasional cacophonic crescendo.

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Key West, Florida, akin to an enchanted isle in a riveting aria, has both its notes of stunning beauty and sections of stern reality. With its lullabies of gentle waves, the quaint charm of historic streets, the embrace of azure skies, and nature’s bounty in infinite revelations, the island city presents a picture worthy of admiration and desire. Yet, beneath the veneer of paradise, like a complex symphony, the city echoes notes of high living costs and considerable safety concerns, capturing the rhythm of real life in its cadence. 

From the standpoint of safety, Key West may not compare favorably with the tranquility of a pastoral symphony. Yet, with careful considerations and precautions, the threads of community and the bonds of neighborhood can weave a protective fabric. Additionally, the cost of living, while high, is a willing toll many are ready to pay for being serenaded by the City’s multitude of charms and lifestyle advantages. 

Bravura performances abound in the areas of education, healthcare, and the economy with steady rhythms of progress and sustainable growth. The hush of uncertainty finds itself silenced by the education standards and employment opportunities that sing of potential and promise. And the palette of recreational options paints a colorful spectrum of lifestyle choices that make living in Key West akin to being in an endless celebration of life. 

In the symphony of life that Key West orchestrates, the tolling bell of transportation challenges does ring out. In its resonance, however, the city shows dogged determination and strides in addressing these issues. The future, thus, emulates an echo of promise in this respect. 

In the grand scheme of things, our lives are but stanzas in the world’s ceaseless beat. In Key West, life sings with both its pit-falls and potencies, its trials and treasures, its shadows and sunshine. This sun-drenched Eden of Florida, this city of contrasts and harmony, this sonnet spun from reality and dreams – it is not a utopia reserved for every soul. Yet, for those who cherish the charm of its verses and are willing to embrace its realities, Key West can be quite the home!

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Key West FAQ

What is the population of Key West? 

As if each resident was a pearl, gracing herself with their presence, in the year of 2019, Key West was adorned by approximately 24,909 individuals. Yet, like grains of sand being swept away in the tide, there was a small decline in population by 2.5% between 2010 and 2019. The future, however, keeps its intent hidden. 

What is the average household income in Key West? 

Ah, the band of gold that weaves itself around the heart of the economic ethos in Key West. It reveals itself to be around the sweet sum of $64,717, a thread of fortune spun in the year of 2019. 

What is the cost of living? 

The cost of living, that gentle hand that guides us to where we may find our home, is steep in Key West. The overall index soars to 165.2, floating above the US average of 100, like a heron taking its place aloft and casting its gaze over the verdant landscape. 

Is Key West a safe place to live? 

Key West, like a nurturing mother, holds her children close, yet not without failures. The crime rates, both violent and property, reside above the US average, casting a cloud of worry that mars the serene blue skies. Yet, one cannot forget the charm that lies within, calling out to those daring enough to brave her turbulent seas. 

How resilient is the job market in Key West? 

The sea of employment in Key West ebbs and flows, much like the waters that surround it. A strong presence of tourism provides a bounty of opportunities, with an increase in jobs of 1.6% in 2019 alone. Yet, dear reader, it is forever wed to the tides of global travel, presenting an element of unpredictability that should not be overlooked. 

Are there good schools in Key West? 

As an orchard bears fruit, Key West too has nurtured educational establishments capable of providing succor to the thirst for knowledge. Numerous institutions stand tall in their commitment to offer quality education, whilst the high school graduation rate exists at a commendable 92%. 

How is the Healthcare in Key West? 

Healthcare in Key West, glimmers like a lighthouse amidst turbulent waves, guiding those in need. Multiple healthcare facilities provide services to meet varied demands, yet, it is worth noting that more complex cases may necessitate a journey to mainland Florida. 

How is the weather? 

Ah, to attempt to cage the weather in mere words! The sun frequently casts its radiant smile over Key West, gifting it with warmth all year-round. Yet, the seasonal rains do play their part, painting the landscape with a fresh, verdant glow. 

Do step forth, dear reader, and allow this wisdom to be your guide. The allure of Key West awaits your discovery. 

Key West: Knowing More

  1. The future growth of Key West is projected to be steady, driven by tourism and real estate development.
  2. Key West has a warm tropical climate with average temperatures ranging from 70°F (21°C) in winter to 90°F (32°C) in summer.
  3. Key West is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and museums.
  4. Key West has a diverse range of recreational activities, including water sports, fishing, snorkeling, and boating.
  5. The crime rate in Key West is relatively low compared to other cities in Florida.
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Any actions or decisions you take based on the information in this post are done at your own risk. I disclaim all liability for any consequences, losses, or damages that may arise from your reliance on this information. Always seek professional advice and conduct thorough research before entering into any real estate transactions or making significant financial commitments.

Furthermore, real estate markets and regulations can change over time, so it is essential to verify the accuracy and relevance of any information provided here with up-to-date sources and professionals who are current in their field.

Please use this post as a starting point for your research and decision-making process, but do not substitute it for professional guidance when it comes to real estate matters.

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