The Florida Aquarium: A Must Visit in Tampa

florida aquarium - tampa

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Discover the Wonders of the Ocean

Embarking on a journey within The Florida Aquarium is akin to setting sail on the great azure expanses of our world’s oceans. Through its portals, we are granted the privilege of immersing ourselves into a universe teeming with some of the most fascinating marine creatures known to science. 

At the touch tanks, you are invited to engage in an intimate dance with the denizens of the deep. From the flourish of a sea star sprawling its arms to reveal intricate patterns beneath, to the balletic glide of stingrays skimming your outreached fingers, a veil is lifted between our terrestrial existence and the mysteries of the aquatic realm. 

An encounter with marine life, so up-close, is not only thrilling but enlightening too, offering an intimate accord with the pulsating heart of the ocean’s biodiversity.

The Florida Aquarium’s enigmatic realm is a testament to the ocean’s unfathomable depths and extraordinary biodiversity. For anyone wishing to journey into the heart of the ocean, a visit to this remarkable institution offers a precious window into a world beyond human imagination.

Rated among the best aquariums in the US, it showcases a diverse range of animals, including sea turtles, sharks, lemurs, and otters. The aquarium’s mission is to build awareness and inspire conservation action.

Visitors can explore a variety of habitats and exhibits, such as the Ocean Decade Exhibition and the MORPH’D Gallery. The latter, located in the new Mosaic Exhibit Hall, introduces guests to 18 uniquely adapted species from around the globe, including axolotls, paddlefish, and electric eels. This gallery aims to change perspectives on life in the wild, offering interactive experiences that allow visitors to engage with these unique adaptations.

In addition to its exhibits, the aquarium is deeply involved in conservation efforts. One of its significant initiatives is the Coral Conservation Program, which focuses on the restoration of the Florida Reef Tract. The aquarium also operates a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center, where they recently released a Loggerhead sea turtle named Kalan. This turtle, among others, is equipped with a satellite tag to gather post-recovery data that aids future rehabilitation efforts.

The Florida Aquarium is not just about observing marine life; it’s about making a positive change. Through various programs, events, and initiatives, the aquarium encourages visitors to support its mission to protect the natural environment.

florida aquarium - tampa

MORPH’D Exhibition: 

Revel in the beauty and complexity of the aquatic world’s changing creatures at the MORPH’D exhibition, a standout feature within the Florida Aquarium’s resplendent offerings. 

Take a walk on the wild side of the color spectrum, where the flamboyantly vibrant clash with the quietly camouflaged. Dive your senses into a textural journey of contrast, exploring the slight slickness of the slimy to the glass-like smoothness. Here, amongst the ambitiously adapted, live creatures that challenge what is perceived as the ordinary. They are disarming in their resilience and utterly mesmerizing in their uniqueness. 

“Not all that glitters is gold; sometimes it’s the soft, luminescent glow of a baby cuttlefish as it morphs into a vivid, pulsating wonder, or the pearl-like sheen of a young seahorse as it spirals into maturity.”

An electrifying encounter with an electric eel awaits you, a creature that literally sparks curiosity. Look out for the paddlefish, its distinctive snout standing testament to unique evolution. Revel in the antics of mudskippers, the amphibious fish that question the concept of habitat. Lay your eyes on the remarkable four-eyed fish, an aquatic marvel that keeps two eyes above water and two below. Dazzle at the vivid hues of red cherry shrimp and take caution with the bewitching allure of poison dart frogs, deadly in their beauty. 

The MORPH’D exhibit is not just a collection of creatures, it’s an underlying narrative of survival, adaptation, and resilience – a living, breathing tribute to the unbounded wonders of the natural world.

Animal Spotlight: Paddlefish – Paddlefish have developed an enlarged rostrum that extends on the front of their heads. Covered with electroreceptors, the rostrum helps them navigate the surrounding environment and helps them locate food. This species is a filter feeder that swims with their mouths wide open to catch small prey in their gill rakers. Fun Fact: The American paddlefish is one of just two paddlefish species found on Earth!

florida aquarium - tampa

Other Notable Habitats:

One cannot neglect the awe and thrill that comes with encountering different animals in their diverse habitats. Venture your way into the Tropical Splash Zone, a vividly painted landscape of the Caribbean. The rippling water punctuated with vibrant corals teems with fish that glimmer like jewels under the soft glow of the sun. Here, witness the clownfish doing a gentle dance among the anemone tendrils, while the goliath grouper, a burly sentinel of the reef, maintains a vigilant gaze. 

Next, embark on a riveting exploration in the No Bone Zone to take a look at our boneless ocean inhabitants. The soft-bodied ascidian squirt like heart pumps, the cuttlefish employ a sublime camouflage, their colors morphing to mimic the environment, and the octopuses demonstrate their intelligence through intricate activities. 

Every habitat brings forth an exclusive narrative of the marine and terrestrial worlds, beautifully bound in the language of biology and ecology.

Behold the majesty of nature’s predators in the Shark Bay. The swift shadow of a shark gliding silently beneath you ensnares the quintessence of both beauty and terror. The stingrays paint their silent poetry onto the smooth seafloor canvas with their fluttering wings. Equally captivating is the equally meaningful encounter with the creatures of Madagascar habitat, a haven that harbors some of the world’s most unique animals. Witness the curious antics of the Ring-tailed lemurs, or take a moment to admire the spectacular radiated tortoises in their uncanny, star-patterned shells. 

Lastly, in the Penguin Point, brace yourself for an Antarctic adventure. Experience shared moments of laughter as penguins slide down icy slopes, creating a spectacle of endearing clumsiness. Their elegance in swimming contrasts their terrestrial exploits, with a ballet of streamlined bodies in the frosty depths. As you navigate through the Florida Aquarium, you explore a multitude of habitats, each a microcosm of a living world, telling the tales of wildlife in their primal glory. 

With every step you take in the Florida Aquarium, every creature you encounter transforms the visit into an enriching journey of discovery, making it a veritable cornerstone of any trip to Tampa.

florida aquarium - tampa

The Highlights

  • Wetlands of Florida: This habitat showcases birds soaring overhead in an iconic 80-foot-tall glass dome, turtles basking in the sun, and freshwater fish darting through the water. Visitors can enjoy the lush mangrove trees and lock eyes with an alligator or run alongside playful river otters.

  • Journey to Madagascar: This habitat allows visitors to hang with ring-tailed lemurs, explore a tropical coral reef, and learn about species native to Madagascar.

  • Shorelines: This habitat acquaints visitors with animals that make their home under rock pilings and bridges in coastal Florida, such as spiny lobsters, garden eels, and pufferfish.

  • Stingray Beach: Here, visitors can touch the slippery and velvety wing tip of a cownose ray and see other marine life like the Florida horse conch, blue angelfish, and porkfish.

  • No Bone Zone: This habitat allows visitors to touch sea stars, anemones, and sea cucumbers that thrive in icy Pacific waters.

  • Coral Reef: This is the Aquarium’s largest habitat with over 500,000 gallons of water, showcasing sand tiger sharks, sea turtles, giant Atlantic stingrays, and hundreds of reef-dwelling fish.

florida aquarium - tampa

Plan Your Visit

For a comprehensive breakdown of the admission fee details, gracefully glide your way to

Like the ebb and flow of the vast ocean itself, ticket prices too are prone to fluctuation. A kaleidoscope of factors: the whims of weather, the pattern of weekdays, the festive thrill of holiday seasons, the electrifying buzz of local events, and the steadily shifting tides of visitor turnouts, all coalesce to shape the ever-changing ticket prices.

Location of The Florida Aquarium

Located in the heart of magical Tampa Bay, The Florida Aquarium is nestled blissfully on Channel Boulevard. Standing proud along the bustling downtown waterfront, it extends itself as a beacon, not merely for sea-loving adventurists but also for those infatuated with the mysteries hidden within the complex algorithms of nature itself. 

  • Hours of Operation: Open From: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday – Sunday: 9:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: 701 Channelside Drive, Tampa, Florida 33602
  • Contact: Phone: (813) 273-4000, Email:

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The Florida Aquarium: Knowing More

  1. The Florida Aquarium is located in Tampa, Florida.
  2. The aquarium is a renowned institution.
  3. The Florida Aquarium is rated among the best aquariums in the US.
  4. It offers visitors an immersive experience into the aquatic and terrestrial world.

Meet The Crew

The Florida Aquarium has a dedicated team of experts working to protect and restore our blue planet. Their expertise encompasses a range of topics related to the ocean, marine life, animal care and welfare, coral conservation, climate, and other environmental issues. Here are some of the experts at The Florida Aquarium:

  1. Tim Binder – Senior Vice President of Animal Care and Health
  2. Maegan Gentry – Senior Penguin Biologist
  3. Eric Hovland – Associate Curator
  4. Debborah Luke, Ph.D. – Senior Vice President of Conservation
  5. Rachel Morgan – Senior Coral Biologist
  6. Keri O’Neil – Director & Senior Scientist, Coral Conservation Program
  7. Ashley Riese – Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center Manager
  8. Stephen Schwanebeck – Manager of Horticulture, Landscaping & Grounds
  9. Tim Stripling – Director of Marine Operations
  10. Dr. Lindsey Waxman – Staff Veterinarian

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